About UP

At Universal Principle, our focus is on the intricate connection between consciousness and the philosophical bedrock of science. The essence of proper knowledge is rooted in harmonizing spiritual integrity with intellectual exploration. Disrupting this balance not only compromises intellectual thought but has profound effects on biological systems.

Over the last century, a proliferation of intellectual toxins has muddled collective understanding and integrity. This decline has seen society drift into realms of superstitious beliefs and myths, often sidelining scientific reason and basic common sense.

Our mission is simple yet profound: to elucidate and uphold the unchanging universal principles bridging consciousness and the immutable principles of reason. In doing so, we aspire to refocus society on the path of true intellectual and spiritual integrity.

Sirius Lambda Water
  1. Nautical Star: Represents Sirius, the celestial star associated with spirituality (spirit), higher consciousness, and divine guidance. 
  2. Lambda: Signifies both logical conjunction and necessitation, (holy spirit.)
  3. Water Trigram: Symbolizing Kan, or water, the physical vessel (Body), reflection, adaptability, and the material aspect of existence.

The Nautical Star symbol invoking Sopdet illustrates consciousness’s spiritual and celestial dimensions. Sopdet is the light, the bearer of the secrets of time and spiritual integrity.

Water (Kan), represented by the Trigram, symbolizes the physical vessel (Body) and reflects the fluidity and adaptability of our nature on a physical and metaphysical level.

Lambda signifies the concept of logical conjunction, which brings together Spirit and Body, forming Mind and highlighting the inseparable nature of these aspects. The union completed by reflective necessity between Spirit (Mind) and Body emphasizes the holistic nature of human existence, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

In this representation, the symbolic phrase embodies the concept of unity and harmony, recognizing that Mind and Body are intertwined and inseparable components of the whole being. It emphasizes the significance of nurturing both the spiritual and physical aspects to achieve balance, inner peace, and a deeper understanding of our existence.