Swarm Update – New Colors

We’re currently reprocessing the entire dataset, but this short clip shows that we’re handling nulls correctly now. We’re also going with a different color pallet. I’ve added more data, like the field vector, which I’m not yet utilizing. I have many more diagnostic processes. We’re now re-downloading files that got corrupted, and now we have a more complete file set and more.

There is also a new dataset on the way. It’s more radial on a spherical surface. However, it’s also more challenging to represent 2D graphically – but that will happen. This second study will give us perspective on the previous results.

I have a parameter that adjusts the size of the blue area, and there’s nothing like seeing what you are doing so I created the above graphic. The red dots are my aggregation nodes. For each red dot, there is a blue area. This blue area belongs to the red dot at x0, y0, z1. The aggregation process will average the magnetic field strength over the earth’s surface within the blue area for each red dot.

And in other news… I lost a bunch of code. Essentially I have to re-write the code that produces the above graphic and the data structure that averages the field strength at each red dot.

Author: Dubh Sith

I'm an information warrior at Universal Principle. Part data engineer, scientist, and Shaman-Taoist-Panpshyco.

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