New Map and Conclusions

We got a higher resolution image of the Earth’s magnetic field. At this point, we are reasonably satisfied with the results. We’ve confirmed the magnetic field is continuing to weaken – about 0.11% over the last four years, or a rate of 1/36th of a percent per year. Ben Davidson of the Suspicious0bservers is correct when he says the field is dropping.

Our current (somewhat uncalibrated) estimate for the global mean field-strength is 34285.33 nT. The mean height of measurement was 4247 miles from the Earth’s center of gravity. (Hope that estimate isn’t too meaningful to anyone!) In general, we confirm that the field appears to be diminishing.

We will continue to process older data, update the latest images and animations. However, most of the development for this is complete. We will focus more on more philosophical topics and should have a page up on the fundamentals of time soon.

Author: Dubh Sith

I'm an information warrior at Universal Principle. Part data engineer, scientist, and Shaman-Taoist-Panpshyco.

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