Davidson Wrong on Lights Out Scenario

This references a very obscure theory about space weather. If you don’t know who Ben Davidson is, watch the playlist.

A question arose during a Q&A with Ben Davidson a few days ago that needs significantly more discussion. Ben apparently believes that the probability of a coordinated state effort to control the masses during a global “light’s out”‘ scenario from a CME is “conspiracy theory.” I tested his assumption by interviewing someone I knew would have a strongly informed opinion.

I can’t say who this person is. I know him through his son when we worked at Lockheed Martin together in an almost miniature city hidden behind the foothills outside Denver. However, this person had top-secret clearances while living 30 minutes from Groom Lake in the late 70s, worked on the minuteman missile, became the director of the MX missile and a manager over Lockheed Martin Astronautics. He loves his American flag, his grandchildren and shirt, exclaiming, “Why yes, I am a rocket scientist!”

Q: Would the state have some plan for a CME strike that takes out global power and communications?

[Paraphrasing, didn’t record]
A: Absolutely! They harden their processes. They will have developed a strategy dependent on their capabilities at various levels. They’d resort to carrier pigeons if needed. They will have found multiple ways to coordinate that people cannot anticipate.

Sure, it’s anecdotal, but…

I believe it. FEMA released a report in 2019 assessing vulnerabilities and outlining strategic responses for precisely such an event. Considering that FEMA is connected to the DIA via the ODNI, it’s implausible that covert plans don’t also exist for the DOD.

Some awareness of the actual scope of the state’s plans is essential. How do we prepare if we’re not accurately informed about the strategies and goals that states will employ? What will the social environment really be like?

Ben doesn’t know. And he believes the need for prep in that area is far fetched “conspiracy theory.”

I recognize that I have a huge knowledge gap here, so I want to resolve it. If you have actual intel on this matter and wish to compare more detailed notes, please PM me on Twitter @SithDubh.

Thanks for reading.

Stay sharp.

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