Edward Dowdye Lives On

Professor Edward Dowdye (RIP) is massively underappreciated in physics, he had transformative observations that have yet to be officially recognized.

Professor Edward Dowdye (RIP) is massively underappreciated in physics, and it isn’t because he’s black. It’s because he dared to know better than Einstein and the official orthodoxy. He has transformative work that has yet to be officially recognized.

It’s obvious why this is. Because “disclosure” isn’t over yet. The public wasn’t given access to the truth; thus, Dowdye had to disappear.

Dowdye, you have been such an inspiration that it’s like I can feel you tapping on my shoulder, nagging on me. Thank you so much, no-wherever you are! The truth is leaking. And you remain a persistent positive force in that direction. Many have taken notice and are privately inspired by you despite deliberate attempts of concealment. Respect!

Fact: Proponents of General Relativity have no explanation for what appears to be visual confirmation that gravity does not effect light. Dowdye gives us what may be the most important visual of the 21st century: The absence of gravitational lensing where it is expected.

The white graphic animations are where General Relativity predicts the light to be observed from. The photography proves different.

Dowdye, you will live on forever in the hearts that you touched.

Stay present.

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