Forces are Now or Never

I’m disappointed when people think atomic clocks in space or airplanes prove that “time moves” or “we move through time.” This mythical belief with no evidence and massively invalidated by commonly available evidence is more common in modern times than in Shamanistic cultures of 5,000 BC.

Affirming the Consequent is the fallacy of thinking, “if I move through time, our clocks will get out of sync; our clocks are out of sync. Therefore, it’s PROVEN that one of us is moving through time faster.” If you think that’s proof, think again. Twigs breaking in the forest do not prove Snuffleupagus just because he might break twigs while walking.

Another issue is people assume “super accurate” clocks are authoritative. However, in practice, if something like air pressure affects your highly sensitive clock’s motion, it will be HIGHLY distorted by that effect. In my experience, all clock inaccuracies are traced to forces affecting their motion/action. Many forces affect clocks’ actions. Assuming clocks get out of sync because time shifts is quite the imaginative leap, but it’s also irrational

Time is an analytical measurement (a quantitative ordinal number, not a place you can travel to.) We’re just dividing the motion of one object into another. We don’t observe “time.” We observe motion, and time is the unit of measure. We never “measure” time, but we measure motion and describe motion in terms of other familiar motions (earth rotations.) Maybe Earth rotations can (and do) change, and maybe the process you are measuring is changing rate, but “time” as a label for the measurement can’t bend. A time measurement is either in “per day rotations” exactly, or it’s some made up number. There’s no room for bending/fudging in scientific measurements.

There is no past or future; there is only One Present Moment. When you move, you are not a wiggly line from past to future that some machine is scanning over. You move because you are a “presence” and a force to be reckoned with. Thinking of yourself as on a conveyor belt through time detracts from the truth that you are the creator of your destiny.

What does a fledgling consciousness push against without the One Present Moment? How can anything be true motion if it’s not “here NOW” and then “there NOW?” Valid conscious action (force) couldn’t have any meaning in a “moving through time” scripted universe.

Out of sync clocks only proof that measurements are fallible. Outside influences affects their measurement. But variations of the measurement can never be caused the the measurement concept bending or stretching. We don’t measure time or space. They are abstractions we derive from measuring relative motion and distance.

Not all Y are X

Some modern myths that our world stem from confused reasoning as flawed as this: “If Bigfoot exists, he will break twigs while walking through the forest. We’ve proved Bigfoot because we just detected a twig break.”

The modern world wouldn’t make this error, right? How did Einstein get on the front of Time magazine? “If gravity bends time, then light will bend around the Sun. Light does bend around the Sun; Einstein is man of the year!”

Not all cracked twigs are caused by mythical creatures, and not all alterations of light are caused by irrational bends in time. Actually, a gaggle of informed researchers knows that plasma bends light, and there is enough plasma around our star to account for the observed parallax.

However, what’s the gross interpretation by the public? “Time bends.” Something completely irrational.

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