Time 102 – See the Light

A widespread deception began immediately after the valid equations for light were first published. While Maxwell’s equations didn’t assume to describe the nature of light, people assumed light must be electromagnetic because Maxwell’s equations appeared to describe light. Light is electromagnetism, so they were correct. However, a confusing narrative was immediately pushed on the people that defied Maxwell’s descriptions.

They started using language about a “photon” moving from point A to point B. Then point out that if points A and B are moving quickly compared to some observer C, that photon reaches point B in the same amount of time as it travels between the stationary A/B pair. “How is this possible,” they ask. “The photon traveled different distances at the same time, at the same ‘speed,'” they exclaim. To explain this, they told people that “time bends” relative to its velocity (compared to any relative C).

However, nothing about Maxwell’s equations described “a particle traveling a distance, at a velocity.” The math explicitly states that the reaction is relative to their distance. That represents a process occurring between two points that takes t = cd ( time = some factor times the distance ) to complete. Light is a process; it’s not traveling a distance. The process begins relatively instantly and has a duration dependent on it’s distance.

Their mind-boggling puzzle begins with the imagined ball traveling between A and B. It’s just a lie. Maxwell’s equations don’t suggest it, and no observations suggest it. Trying to have a photon framework makes time and light-speed effects very confusing. Understanding t = cd means time never bends. Light changes its induction rate when traveling through different mediums, so “the medium” is one factor of c. Light is a process that takes duration based on the distance and the medium between the two objects. This level of simplicity reminds me of Occom’s razor. Meanwhile, “modern physics” is full of time paradoxes.

You will never find anything paradoxical or contrary evidence to the idea that EM effects occur instantly, but the effect is a process that takes a certain amount of time (based on the distance and the medium between them.) EM is virtually instant, and so is gravity, which is the actual universal speed limit.

Time doesn’t bend. “Time” is a type of analysis. The universe is in motion. We’re just trying to describe it. Enjoy the process!

Honor Killings in 2008

I made this video in 2008 while working on the Ron Paul campaign. It needs some context: In Texas, a Muslim man killed his daughter because she shamed the family. FOX News wouldn’t stop talking about it because it involved a Muslim and had this lady spew emotional disgust and repeat the term “Honor Killing” as often as possible.

Wikipedia defines Honor Killing as: the murder of an individual, either an outsider or a member of a family, by someone seeking to protect what they see as the dignity and honor of themselves or their family.

I found a part of a Republican debate, where Ron Paul went toe to toe with neocon Mike Huckabee, particularly poignant. Back then, that’s what we called these militant fascists who talked about a New World Order, “neocons,” or “neo-conservatives.” A few people at the time knew the Republicans were littered with them, but the most astute understood that the Clintons and anyone associated (and later Obama) were neocons also.

I created this video to snap a few FOX News “conservatives” out of their stooper. I think only Ron Paul fans appreciated it.

Woke Trump Scammers

Trump was like, “Let’s cut taxes and fund massive government spending with debt,” and his Marxist followers cheered! Now the bond market is crashing, and the Fed is flooded with inflation. Nobody who fell for the Trump scam understood markets. They all bought into 2nd grade Marxist blither wrapped in red, white, and blue.

I HATE the Trump scammers. Most of them learned about Agenda 21, or “sustainable development,” from my video. I can tell because whenever they want to sound cool, they’ll literally quote poignant moments of that video. Now it’s trendy to know about “the great reset,” and you’re maybe even ‘cultured’ if you know it’s just a rebranding of Agenda 21. However, every single trendy political movement based on that hook is a scam! Trump himself was a national-level intelligence community scam.

I had difficulty understanding why after Jan 6, anyone in the Trump tribe didn’t realize how much Trump threw them under the bus. It had already been revealed that intelligence services designed the linguistics of his campaign (based on the liberty movement, *me*) before they even knew Trump would be presenting it. It was a scam. As Jan 6 approached, I wasn’t sure if Trump was the biggest idiot on Earth or if he was intentionally guiding people into giving the government an excuse to target them. In retrospect, that confusion is embarrassing as it’s obvious Trump always intended to sabotage his victims.

In 2015, a large demographic viewed the left and the right as ‘working together to f*ck them.’ People were starting to see the politicians were taking advantage of them, and it had nothing to do with “left or right.” However, Trump’s efforts to frame himself as opposing the establishment only served that establishment by recreating a hostile divide between left and right again. It’s divide and conquer – “the problem with our system of government is ‘the OTHER’ party.” Meanwhile, he screwed us all the same way the state always does.

Before Trump’s inauguration I said the Dems would only criticize him for fake reasons, which turned out to be hilariously correct. But his war crimes in Syria, arming of terrorists the world over, assignation of Iraqi officials, and two coup attempts in Venezuela got so little press that conservatives were wondering why Trump didn’t get some peace prize. Meanwhile he’s starting wars against trade, and spending social resources like a drunken’ communist.

Sure, Trump supporters have stopped cheering like labor price increases are a good thing and have started cheering like price increases are a bad thing, but (and this goes for Biden supporters as well) they’re all on the “easy mark” list and will be easily scammed into some crazy nonsense by the end of this election cycle.

Please: If anyone is experiencing left or right “woke” -ness, understand they are under the influence of some political scam. Don’t trust their air of authority. The state is the biggest scam running; nobody legitimate acts like the state is a solution.

New Map and Conclusions

We got a higher resolution image of the Earth’s magnetic field. At this point, we are reasonably satisfied with the results. We’ve confirmed the magnetic field is continuing to weaken – about 0.11% over the last four years, or a rate of 1/36th of a percent per year. Ben Davidson of the Suspicious0bservers is correct when he says the field is dropping.

Our current (somewhat uncalibrated) estimate for the global mean field-strength is 34285.33 nT. The mean height of measurement was 4247 miles from the Earth’s center of gravity. (Hope that estimate isn’t too meaningful to anyone!) In general, we confirm that the field appears to be diminishing.

We will continue to process older data, update the latest images and animations. However, most of the development for this is complete. We will focus more on more philosophical topics and should have a page up on the fundamentals of time soon.

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