Not all Y are X

Some modern myths that our world stem from confused reasoning as flawed as this: “If Bigfoot exists, he will break twigs while walking through the forest. We’ve proved Bigfoot because we just detected a twig break.”

The modern world wouldn’t make this error, right? How did Einstein get on the front of Time magazine? “If gravity bends time, then light will bend around the Sun. Light does bend around the Sun; Einstein is man of the year!”

Not all cracked twigs are caused by mythical creatures, and not all alterations of light are caused by irrational bends in time. Actually, a gaggle of informed researchers knows that plasma bends light, and there is enough plasma around our star to account for the observed parallax.

However, what’s the gross interpretation by the public? “Time bends.” Something completely irrational.

All Woke Scammers

Back in pre-woke times (9/11), engineers would direct the construction of reports, but they would interview the principles for their needs and intentions. Suppose you have people who struggle with laws of logic directing the project. In that case, the team will get caught where they must produce details about data they’re fundamentally confused about. If there are unclear concepts, coders will struggle for additional hours every time they have to touch the ambiguousness. Meanwhile, solving it could be a snap if those directing the project believed that fundamental concepts are required before extracting details about it; if they believed in principles before outcomes.

As an engineer who worked in the pre-woke times, I occasionally had to interview an especially woke person to create a report. It was always a struggle because they wouldn’t communicate their needs clearly and typically just fought you for control over the project. I would be thinking, “Why is this person telling me how to design a report? Why are they evading my questions?”

Now that’s the norm. I spend most of my time backtracking and recoding crap simply because someone didn’t think they needed to understand a concept before they commanded (usually with a derogatory tone), or they don’t think the coders need to understand something to make the software work (usually with a derogatory tone). It all results in wasted time and poor quality.

I’ve directly addressed the time waisting element of modern processes and gotten responses like, “But it’s more time you can enjoy laboring for $$$” I’m sorry, but I have the human need to not feel like I’m wasting my time.

I’m sorry, I can’t pin down the cause of this wokeness. It may sound odd, but I do believe it traces back to the early 1900s when Relativity and Quantum Physics were introduced. Fundamentally, general relativity utterly dismisses basic laws of information. Specifically, it assumes mathematical abstractions like time have physical properties. Since then, misinterpreting basic concepts and pontificating about nonsense realities like big bangs, black holes, or dark matter has become trendy. They don’t understand the principle but profess to produce great woke wisdom. A behavior that is now rampant.

Schrödinger’s cat example was intended to get people to see the irrationality of the quantum state, but the world said, “yes, reality isn’t logical.” True, but logic is required to think about reality and make rational sense. Just because the math is a probability doesn’t mean the reality is in a 60/40 state. It’s another example of confusing a mathematical abstraction with physical reality. It’s another way people started dismissing principles and started professing woke blether.

There are plenty more examples, but today, anyone who wants to look cool acts like they magically know without understanding. I recently saw a video titled “inability to find dark matter proves dark matter.” It had enough views and comments for me to discern that people were attracted by the irrationality of the reality they were advertising. It’s like a consciousness virus has taken hold.

I’m sorry that I don’t understand the fundamental elements of this problem well enough to suggest a solution. I think awareness of the problem may be key. The woke craze is over a hundred years in the making, this won’t be fixed overnight.