Swarm Project Update 2/19/22

All the latest files have been downloaded. Now we have to decode the – almost decade’s worth of – data, which is estimated to take two weeks! I’m using a Mathematica script because the files are encoded in an obscure NASA file format. Then we need to dimensionalize the data.

After consulting with various engineers and scientists who understand satellite data, I believe we have the data model needed to get to the heart of the matter fairly quickly. The raw sensor data will have some data normalization problems, but we’re probably anticipating the bulk of them. Apparently, I have two weeks to write the modeling code 🙂

I wonder if there was a magnetic disturbance associated with COVID. And I wonder if when I dream about the data, I’ll hear Earth’s thoughts.

Image of one day’s worth of data from one satellite. Blue is about 60 nT and Red is about 25. We can see clearly that the strength of the field is strongest at the poles.

Author: Dubh Sith

I'm an information warrior at Universal Principle. Part data engineer, scientist, and Shaman-Taoist-Panpshyco.

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