Vent Post #UFOtwitter

Cartoon expressing the types of arguments I’ve been hearing from skeptics of the Admiral Wilson / Eric Davis Notes. I created an alternated ending which might be better:

I’ve been disappointed in the intellectual prowess of #ufotwitter. It’s no wonder they’ve been the victims of career con artists and flash-in-the-pans. However, my disdain is not homogeneous. Some of the most thoughtful people I know in our society are very interested in UFOs, and not all of them avoid Twitter.

Thus there is a dichotomy between people who curiously identify the significance of investigating the Wilson/Davis notes and those who know it’s a hoax and a waste of time but can’t express it without insulting you.

When taking a rational scientific approach, we always manage uncertainty. When you come up with a hypothesis, the first thing you do is try to reject it. Fail it fast, or try. Then you report your inability to reject that hypothesis in terms of probability. Essentially, you clarify what you don’t know; known unknowns and probable ones.

That’s why we do experimentation or “take measurements.” We’re trying to resolve the uncertainties we’ve identified. However, those demanding that the Wilson/Davis notes are a waste of time to investigate/measure seem to know it’s a hoax. They’re clueless about their uncertainties, faint certitude (read “confidence game,”) faulty logic, etc. If you asked me, they’re so intellectual scrambled; I’m suspicious they’re terrified of the reality the evidence is painting.

Author: Dubh Sith

I'm an information warrior at Universal Principle. Part data engineer, scientist, and Shaman-Taoist-Panpshyco.

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