Time 101

“There is so much politics in science now… it has created an Idiocracy of doublethink… where people now accept ideas that are mutually exclusive to reality.” – Dr. Edward Dowdye

Time is an intellectually generated quantitative value derived by comparing one object’s motion to another’s. We relate things to rotations of the Earth, orbits of the Moon, sands in an hourglass, and cycles of cesium-133 atoms.

Contrary to modern myths, time is not something you move through, something that is moving, or a substance that can bend or dilate. Time is a pure mathematical abstraction, just like a square. You can prove the area of a square, but you cannot find a square in nature. You can find something in the shape of a square, but squares do not exist; they are mathematical concepts. The same is true of time.

The scientific method involves observations and evaluations. I always remind people that it is critical in any inquest to be diligent in separating observation from evaluation and not confuse the two. Nobody observes “time.” The observation is of motion, and time is the intellectually derived evaluation. 

As intellectual creatures, we often use mathematical abstractions to communicate and think about those motions. We set up to confuse our abstractions with reality. Even I use language like “move through time” when describing analytical results with clients. I don’t mean it literally, but it literally means something moving “through time.”

Before Western Science dismissed it without evidence, people had known for thousands of years that there is only a “now.” Motion means “being here” now and then “being over there” in the exact same now.

An object at point 1 and time 3 and then point 7 at time 6 is the definition of a line. A line is not something in motion, but it’s an excellent way to chart motion. However, people can easily confuse the two concepts if they are not disciplined about separating observation from evaluation.

An excellent example is the highly dubious logic, “Atomic clocks in GPS satellites get out of sync; therefore, that proves time is bending.” A sand timer in a spinning centrifuge will empty faster than one not. Does that mean centrifuges warp time? So why would anyone think anything that messed up atomic clocks (temperature, electromagnetic radiation, gravity) is a warp in time?

As former NASA Engineer and University Professor of Mathematics Dr. Edward Dowdye has pointed out (but neglected by the mainstream), there is sufficient evidence suggesting a reasonable (non-irrational-time-bendy) physical cause:

Every claim that “we proved time bent” can be reinterpreted similarly. Forces act on clocks, and if you interpret that as “Oh, that was just time bending,” you are fraudulently refusing to account for errors in your clock. And unfortunately, that scam is rampant today.

The rational view of time is that the universe is in motion (within a “static now”) due to the presence of forces. Humanity understood this, but about the turn of the 20th century, scientific institutions started to conflate evaluations with observations regarding both time and motion. However, people who have made it a discipline to thoughtfully differentiate what they can see and touch from what they imagine, find the truth blatantly obvious.

Because “time dilations” are a meaningless irrational concept, there are significant ramifications to our understanding of light. In “Time 102 – See the Light,” I’ll dissect what is calculated vs. actually measured regarding the “speed” of light. Coming soon…

Author: Dubh Sith

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