ChatGPT Knows What Time It Is

ChatGPT clarifies that time does not bend and isn’t a place creatures come from.

Clearly, ChatGPT knows nothing. However, other than just spewing out consensus reality with an authoritative tone, we can use its sophisticated linguistics tools to coax out otherwise obscure truths about time hidden under “imprecise or metaphorical language.” None of which were direct lies, but the message YOU heard very well might have been blazingly invalid.

As a competent analyst of reality, I begin my inquest into what ChatGPT can tell us about time by delineating what is actually observed vs what is intellectual in nature.

After some banter about the distinction I’m trying to make…

It made a colloquial error describing distance as a physical thing being measured, which it will later correct when it agrees with me that temperature is a bend in space-distance 🙂

But first, let’s get to the heart of the matter.

I bet most people didn’t expect it to say that!

And it knows the difference between General and Special.

As a professional expert in dimensional modeling, I knew dimensions (like time) are abstract analytical tools that creatures can’t come from. However, everyone like Jacque Vallee, who has US Intelligence connections regarding aliens, seems blissfully unaware and hostile to the notion. Weird.

This is excellent stuff. ChatGPT says no thing that could bend or is a location should be construed as “time.” Notice that the last clause invokes time as some natural phenomena that can be studied, contrary to everything else it just said. I assume it’s just because it’s how people talk…

Give that boy a gold star! However, given how often I had to coerce it into clarifying with precise language, the statement felt a bit hypocritical.

In my effort to be thorough, I challenged it several more times on the physical mechanism of gravity, and it regurgitated typical relativity banter that linguistically appeared to contradict its assertion that time is a concept. You can go around in many circles. (Relativity and its many contradictions, circular arguments, and disciples who don’t understand that contradictions prove it wrong) However, when directly confronted with the paradox…

I think ChatGPT did a good job of exposing the actual rational meaning of General Relativity, and nearly everyone’s understanding is a “colloquial or metaphorical” idea of a literal time moving faster is invalid. Nor is it a place that creatures come from. The notion that a dimension could even represent a substance that can bend, travel itself at a “rate”, or a location stems from the massive confusion around the “colloquial or metaphorical” usage of the term “time.”

General Relativity uses a framework that must bend to describe gravity, and those bends are not a physical cause, just the highly confusing model. Observably nobody who thinks time can bend can demonstrate the ability to create gravity, meaning they have no clue what causes it. When you create gravity, that’s when you get to pontificate authoritatively about it’s causes.

Spirit manifests as both mind and body. Only by holding them as mutually exclusive can you see how they are one.

The time is now, as long as you are present.

Stay present.

Author: Dubh Sith

I'm an information warrior at Universal Principle. Part data engineer, scientist, and Shaman-Taoist-Panpshyco.

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