And Stay Silent About Time, Physicists

Mathematical Proofs mean sit down, shut up, and listen. Don’t bend spacetime; manifest nonlocality.

I will have to be quite demanding about my request that physicists stop spouting off about “time.” Time is information, not a material that bends, stretches, or engages in any process. Time is the domain of information theory, and physicists may need help understanding it. Physicists who derived the Copenhagen Interpretation had yet to hear of it.

The intellectual environment around the topic of time today is nothing but intellectual garbage. Time is intrinsically tied to our psychological wiring. That means we have many cognitive distortions that yield thoughts and perceptions that would not pass a logical validity test. (huge foreshadow)

I’ve been appalled at the number of people claiming college credentials who have responded to my proof with, “Well, now you just need to find the observation that would prove it.” That’s not how proofs work, my friends. When confronted with a proof, you are supposed to sit down, shut up, and listen.

Mathematical Proofs

We must reflect on the distinction between what we observe ( measure, study ) and the mental abstractions we use to speak about those things.
A square is an abstract concept. The intended meaning of “square” is something that cannot be observed. We say that we “observe” objects in the shape of a square. Because “equal sides” is the definition, someone saying, “I found a square yesterday, and when I measured it, its sides were not equal,” sounds like they’re having a personal integrity crisis. 

That’s how much of the gibberish about time sounds to me. I know people are more intelligent than that. The issue is that many have authoritatively, or even dictatorially so, asserted the exact same rubbish about time. Conveniently, the error hits humanity squarely in the biologically wired cognitive distortions about time that have them speaking metaphorically about it as if it “flies” or “passes.”

I have diligently forced my proof about time on as many physicists as I can afford to reach, and my only observation is how they all have zero to say. Rescue yourself from any intellectually compromised positions. There’s something new to learn.


Time is a description of an object’s motion in terms of another object’s motion. Today, the unit “seconds” is the notion of some steady rate of cesium-133 decay. The observation is of motion. Time is the abstracted, evaluated concept. The observation is of two objects in motion.

Someone saying, “I found an observation of time dilating,” sounds like the dude saying, “I found a square with irregular sides.” Proof:

If gravity affects the rate time flows, we must create a time dimension to describe this rate. Then we have two contradictory time dimensions. One we claim is “dilating,” and one is used to describe the dilation rate. Somebody’s “time dimension” is a fraud.

The metaphorical account is, let’s say, metaphorical, and the other is consistent with what we mean about time. The rate of my mechanical watch is catastrophically affected by rapid water intake. I would sound pretty silly, suggesting ‘being flooded with water’ represented a change in the rate of time’s metaphorical flow, precisely like someone who “observed” an irregular square.


Time does not bend. It’s self-contradictory to suggest at the scientific level. Many physicists understand this, but the public must be aware because such physicists have been authoritatively excluded from public discussion.

It’s time to tell me why my proof is in error or shut up. I’m sorry to be so blunt, but it just has to be. Until a physicist can stop being tongue-tied, time is my expertise, and I’m happy to answer any questions, or rational refutations to my ideas.

This has significant ramifications about why light cannot be a photon. Thus, we don’t want to “bend” spacetime but manifest the nonlocality.

I hope to live long enough to explain why.

Stay present.

Special shout out to one Robert Bennett for significantly accelerating the maturity rate of these ideas… or was that time accelerating? 😉

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