Grusch’s Multidimensionality and ET Magic

What are dimensions, and how it applies to potential physical tech.

I spend much of my professional time creating “dimensional models” for analytical consumption. I understand information theory, like most are acquainted with their nose. Let’s try to explain what dimensions mean in the context of David Grusch’s multidimensional “non-human” tech.

It does not take a Ph.D. to understand it. Indeed, Ph.D.s should not be confused and argue about it at all. Still, we’re learning that even Ph.D.s in physics only sometimes appreciate mathematical principles. In analytics, we must distinguish between the object of investigation and the analytical tools we use to investigate them.

When Grusch says “higher dimensional space,” he is being highly metaphorical. The analytically clean way to describe it as “space” is non-dimensional. It’s an imaginary nothingness. The dimensionality comes directly from the object of study.

Electromagnetic radiation has three tangential aspects. We model it using x, y, z dimensions. Collectively we refer to the three dimensions as “space,” but that is metaphorical. Electromagnetism is what we are modeling. That’s the thing. We have a 3D experience because we are of electromagnetism, with three tangential aspects, not because we live in 3D “space.”

Two dimensions allow you to chart things. Three dimensions enable you to model electromagnetism. If we observe motion, we add a time dimension and call it “spacetime.”

However, “bending” or running a transformation on any dimension cannot have any physical meaning. It confuses the analytical dimension with the object of study.

If you must distort a dimension to make your model work, you have made some wrong assumptions. It’s the equivalent of management not thinking sales numbers are high enough, so they tell the analytics department to multiply everything by 1.3. I would call that fraud.

Now let’s do some ET magic:

We understand that electromagnetism operates in a way where electric force is induced into magnetic and back again. Imagine a third force (doovetic) that acts tangent to both the electric and magnetic. Electric and magnetic could be induced to express themselves as doovetic under the right conditions.

You would construct a 4D space to model any ElectroMangniDoovetic static state. 5D to include its motion. That’s how another physical force would drive analysts (but maybe not physicist?) to add another dimension to their model.

Our biology is absent any matter employing such doovetic functionality. A creature made of such materials, or one aware of the doovetic force, could potentially redeploy their existence into the doovetic “realm” with technology analogous to a “transformer,” causing them to vanish from our ElectroMagnetic-constructed awareness. They could be slinking around as ElectroDoovetic (ED) or MagnetoDoovetic (MD), and we would need ElectroMangniDoovetic(EMD)-constructed sunglasses to see them.

Image from a documentary I once saw 🙂

If they return to an EM state, someone could represent that metaphorically as “coming from a higher dimensional space.” But honestly, it sounds more like they just don’t understand the phenomena.

When people are speaking like dimensions are material things, you have to be careful because they may mean it metaphorically: “Time flies.” But it’s also possible they literally mean some self-contradictory nonsense: “Gravity is a warp in spacetime.”

Stay present.

On a personal note. Much of what David Grusch said yesterday hit me viscerally with joy. I feel his passion for people who have endured “systematic suppression.” Keep up the good work, brave soldier!

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